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CRM Testimonials

Kia of Stamford

"LIS is a great tool to help keep our staff accountable in every way. Lead tracking, sourcing and the breadth of reports make this a great tool for the Dealer, Management"

George D'Angelo, Owner

Suburban Subaru

"We have been using LIS for almost three years now, best service and support possible... and if we need it to do something else, all we have to do is ask...Its a great snapshot of the day/week/month without having to ask all the traditional helps me monitor the sales department from anywhere..."

Lane Resnik, General Manager

Steve Lewis Subaru

"LIS makes not only our sales staff jobs easier, but it improves our customer's experience as well! We are able to find exactly what our customers want quickly and efficiently. The reporting features ensure that we stay on track with our goals every month. Great product!"

Stephen M. Lewis, Owner

New To You Superstore

"LIS is easy to use, accurate and it shows me what I need to know in a few clicks. The information is right at your fingertips; from the BDC, to the sales floor and even what we do in F&I. You know what your closing ratios are at any time during the month and most CRM tools I've used in the past just can't get to that level of information. The desking tool is also very simple to use. Great tool!"

Scott Braga, General Manager

Patrick Motors

"LIS is by far the most comprehensive customer management system we have ever worked with. It makes the day to day sales operation easy to navigate."

Jason Patrick, Owner