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Integrated Text Messaging

Integrated Text Messaging allows users to better communicate with customers while capturing all texts within the system for management review.

Instant Message Tool

Our Instant Message Tool allows staff users to communicate with one another more effectively, including management broadcast messages.

HTML Email

We utilize HTML Email for professional communications to customers. We supply advanced tools like spell checker, image insertion, code snippet, and more.

IP Telephony

With IP Telephony integration, the LIS system can confirm follow-up is being handled by your staff.

Toll Free Recorded Lines

Toll Free recorded lines are provided at no additional charge with unlimited minutes. This feature represents additional dealer savings along with the ability to manage recorded calls from within the program.

Customer Photo upload

With our Photo Upload module, your staff can take a photo of the customer with their new car.

Reverse Lookup

Our Reverse Lookup allows users to pull up customer information by their phone number, saving time in the data entry step.

Email and Home Address Verification

Email and address verification minimize lost communications and duplicate effort.